Dressing for my age

Apologies this post is a day late! I was laying awake last night pondering my next post and felt that this topic was one that sums up my dilemma right now.

I recently celebrated my 24th birthday and with that I began to think about some of the different outfits I’ve worn over the last 6 years since becoming an “adult”. PLEASE NOTE: This is the only photographic evidence I could find of me wearing short shorts, I wasn’t the only one dressed like this and I didn’t always used to dress up like Barbie for a night out 😉


At the age of 18 I didn’t bat an eyelid and pulling out the batty rider shorts to show off my arse but as I’ve gotten older, graduated, moved out and started a career I don’t feel like that’s very me anymore. Except for on holiday- I’ll always get my bum out then 😉

I still hold onto the short shorts in a hope that one day I’ll be brave enough to bare all of my legs. Come to think of it, I doubt my arse would be contained in them anymore and if I sat down I’d rip the entire crotch! (I’ve put on a good stone since moving out with Aaron and don’t have my teeny tiny size 6 arse anymore 😜)

I think it also boils down to the fact that I can’t do “sexy” as per one of my previous posts. I don’t feel comfortable baring all when I go out anymore and wonder if I’m becoming old before my time or if I’m just growing up?


Am I old before my time, am I a prude for thinking this way or is it normal to feel like this at 24? Let me know what you think!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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