Why I can’t do ‘sexy’

Okay, what I want to get across in this post isn’t strictly a fashion faux pas, however it does play a big part in how I dress and feel about myself with the clothes I wear.

My cousin Tammy and I were talking about this the other week (she feels the same as me) and how we just can’t do ‘sexy’! I’m quite little both in height and weight and have quite a cute face (I get asked for I.D ALL of the time). There isn’t much boob going on for me so I don’t dress in a way that would conventionally fit the term ‘sexy’. I don’t wear low cut tops or super short dresses, I can’t walk in a pair of heels. You get the picture.

The only pictures I can take and not look outrageous are smiling ones. If I try to do a smouldering sexy look…well I don’t think I can explain it as well as inserting a picture;


I just don’t feel comfortable and feel like I’m putting out a false representation of myself when trying to act sexy.

I’m happy being me and like how all of my tagged and profile pictures truly represent that. Yeah, there are some stupid pouty pictures but they’re usually me being an idiot for shits and gigs!


Hopefully I can relate to a few people with this post and help them see that sexy isn’t everything!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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