Why I wish I was 5ft 6

So, you’ve probably gathered from my previous posts (if you’ve read them) or know me in real life that I’m quite the short arse (5ft 2 and a half!). Good things come in small packages and there are some pros to being small like always being at the front of pictures, being let through big crowds so you can see etc. However there are some cons to being little.

There are so many clothes and trends that I can’t wear because they drown me and make me look shorter than I already am. Life isn’t made easier when I can’t stomp around in 6 inch heels either. I always think about the world I’m missing out on up there when I’m talking to Aaron (he’s 6ft 5, what is it about short girls being with tall guys?!)

corfu 2013

Flared jeans aren’t something I can get on board with. I remember being about 10 and getting these road sweeper jeans (I think that’s what they were called?) that could fit a rugby ball in the flare and thinking I was the absolute shit. If you can’t recall such monstrosities, I’ve inserted an example below (thank god there isn’t a picture of me wearing these bad lads);

wide leg jeans

Now, if you’re quite tall, these look lovely. If I pick up a pair of flares, all I can think about is these horrible jeans that made my legs look stumpy and shorter than my short 5ft 2 arse.

Maxi dresses are a challenge (made easier by the fact that I can sew and regularly take up my dresses/trousers/skirts). I either have to sew them up or style them so that I have a looser fit on top (usually when I’m feeling lazy and can’t be arsed to move Aaron’s fishing shit out of the way of the sewing machine- another post will follow on that fiasco).

Jumper dresses or shorter (but not short, short) dresses are another nightmare. My post about the online shop disaster probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d been 5ft 6 and the dress didn’t drown me (a reminder inserted below);

FullSizeRender (1)

So, there are a few valid points about the challenges I face working with a short height. However, I do love being little Smile (even when people mistake me for as young as 16. Mate, don’t take the piss!)

Until next time….

Gaby xxx


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