I am crap at make-up

I couldn’t think of any other title that would portray this post in a better way. I am terrible at it and the word crap sums it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I have improved over the years and no longer smudge bright sparkly pink eye-shadow over my lids with my finger because ‘that’s what the cool girls do’. I remember being in Year 7 (11 years old), going into school and thinking I looked the absolute bomb before my form tutor pulled me aside first thing in the morning and told me to go wash my eyes, I looked ridiculous.

I’ve inserted a picture below which was taken at my Year 11 Prom which I think shows, make up is not my forte;

prom (2)

Eyeliner on point no?

Hell no.

Thinking about it now, it makes me sad that I didn’t have the world of Google or Youtube as the younger girls of today do (I know I’m only 23 and not classed as old, but I think I’m a generation ahead, the days of Google and Youtube were just starting to gather momentum during my teens) I was a very shy and insecure teenager (not for all of my teenage years though) and would have loved to have known how to properly apply make up. Then again I didn’t really live in a world where I was expected to know how to! I guess that I should be happy that I didn’t have to live through the cyber-bullying and expectations that young girls do today. It’s crazy to think that there are young girls who have pretty much the content of the MAC make up counter in their bedrooms and know how to apply it properly at the age of 14!


I begrudge spending anything more than £10 on a make up product, what is the point if I’m crap at it? Just because I’ve bought a £20 lipstick, doesn’t make me any better at applying it!

So, there’s my make up background. This post should set the scene for some of my make up fails and I hope you stick around for some blinding make up trials and tribulations!

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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