Cute, cheap but smelly shoes

This week I’ve been pulling old shit bits from my wardrobe and running through all of my social media posts to find my fashion faux pas’ of the past and present. However, inspiration for this post started with the lads at work finding my old Youtube channel. After the usual lad banter that always follows something embarrassing happening (it’s bloody exhausting!) I thought, what better place to look for a fashion faux pas than my old Youtube channel?!

I’ve inserted the link to the video I found which led me to write this post below (if you watch, check out that bloody bronzer on my face!!);

smelly shoes

And these bad lads were a combination of cute (well cuteish, I thought at the time anyway), sweaty and smelly.

When it comes to shoes, I’m unbelievably weird about what I can and can’t wear. There are so many factors I take into account when shoe shopping like; how high is the heel? How well supported are my ankles? Will I slide around if my feet get sweaty?

I can’t wear high heels as I have this weird anxiety thing where my legs tremble and I also twisted my ankle a few years ago. I was sitting on my feet doing some sketching for college on my bed when I decided to get up to go outside for a cheeky smoke. I stood up, not realising that my foot had gone numb, twisted my ankle and fell into the wall. Goodbye high heels.

I’m pretty sure that most people will be able to relate to this post. I feel like the smell of some shoes is the additional price you pay for getting a bargain.

Every year I always manage to find the cutest pair of shoes at a bargain price which a few weeks down the line end up stinking to the high heavens.

There have been tons of pairs over the years and the ones I get most heartbroken about are the bargains which were a teensy bit more expensive than I should have been prepared to pay. I remember a  lovely pair of black boots from Topshop which were £50 but I got them for £30, I tried washing them in the washing machine, adding some Shake n Vac inside (stupid I know) but I eventually had to bite the bullet and send them to the bin shed downstairs.

But, we live and learn. It’s these experiences that define our personal style and I’m really enjoying looking back at mine.

Until next time…

Gaby xxx


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