Getting into the swing of blogging 

Welcome back people! I'm still off sick with this minging hepatitis E and jaundice, so haven't spent too much time writing these last few days! I've got a couple of posts lined up where I'm waiting for deliveries etc. so stay tuned for those - another fashion review is on the agenda 🤗. These seem... Continue Reading →

Romwe Online Shopping Review 

Third up in my fashion review series is the global brand Romwe. I've heard mixed reviews about them so wanted to see what they were like for myself. As it's still a couple of weeks until payday I didn't want to spend over £25 - girl gotta live and save for a wedding here! On... Continue Reading →

Life update 

So I've been quite proud of the fact I've been consistent in uploading 3 posts a week, however I've not met that this week and I'm gutted - but there is a valid reason!  I've got another fashion review that's due to be uploaded shortly and was planning on finishing it up Tuesday afternoon when... Continue Reading →

Blogging Goals!

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to really push my blog out there and really shout about it online!  I can't expect my audience to just find it now can I?! So I set myself some goals to achieve at the beginning of the year and wanted to put them into a post... Continue Reading →

Everything Five Pounds Review 

So I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook on my phone sitting in the hospital with Aaron (who's currently recovering from surgery on his lung - sounds dramatic, but it's not) and saw on the Money Saving Expert page that the site had a sale on their shoes with most of them reduced to just... Continue Reading →

Miss Bella Online Shopping Review 

First up on my fashion review series (have a read of my intro post if you haven't already) is the online store Miss Bella. I really liked the look of everything on the website - everything was really on trend (albeit a wee bit pricey for my liking) and there were a lot of options... Continue Reading →

Getting used to posing

Welcome back! So, I was really lucky to have my friend Katt photograph me this week to get some new pictures on the blog, which gave me an opportunity to practice my posing - you'll know about my struggle with posing for blog pictures from a previous post Teaching Myself to Pose so I was really... Continue Reading →

New Fashion Review Series

I don't know about you, but every time I scroll through Facebook a new fashion website appears in my newsfeed and I always want to know whether the pictures are genuine and if the clothes are quality.  So I've decided to do a series of posts where I review each site I come across and... Continue Reading →

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