I'm a 26 year old fashion design grad documenting my trials and tribulations with fashion, beauty and life.

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The importance of pushing for a diagnosis

Sometimes it’s hard to accept a doctor’s diagnosis when you know in your heart something is wrong, here are my tips on how to challenge that


How one blog post helped me make some new friends

A couple of months back I wrote a post called Twenty-six and not a lot of friends where I poured my heart out about a topic that had been bothering me for quite a while – I’d found myself at the…


My Top Photo Outtakes of 2018

We’re in December which means I’ll be sharing a lot of reflective posts (as everyone likes to do at this time of year – I’m a bit of a basic bitch like that) and in true Fashion Faux Pas style,…


Coping with adult acne – one year on

I’m a huge fan of the Timehop app and have been getting quite a lot of notifications for photos and posts where I shared an honest view of how adult acne had impacted my life. I’ve written a few posts…


Skip Cyber Monday and shop your own wardrobe

We’re coming close to the end of my no-buy November challenge and I won’t lie, the staples in my wardrobe are running dry, so to mix things up I thought I’d try to incorporate a summer dress that’s been worn…


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