Let’s talk International Women’s Day

Let’s talk International Women’s Day

You’ll be seeing posts and news articles all about why women are the best, men should all die (or something equally dramatic/outrageous) and life will be better, however I want to talk about what today means to me as a woman. I started to write this post and felt a twang of self-doubt – do I really want to be broadcasting my thoughts on this? Is this going to reflect badly on me, as we all know what you put out on the internet is forever. But I thought fuck it, I shouldn’t have to feel like that when as a woman, my feelings, thoughts and beliefs are valid.

I’m a feminist in that I believe in equal rights. That’s right, I don’t believe men are inferior or that we should be slamming them for the oppression our ancestors have faced, I think we should be encouraging everyone to understand that we are indeed equal, no matter their gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation – everyone should be treated equally.

I’m not a fan of international women’s day for many reasons (not just this one, but all the other bullshit ones too – have a listen to the Loose Lips podcast for a giggle about these kind of days), but the main one being that we don’t have a men’s day – and no, steak and blow job day doesn’t count, so why should we only celebrate women? Men can be amazing, men can be feminists in that they believe in equality, in the same breath, they can be arseholes – as can some women. I don’t know about you, but I’ve met my fair share of them.

Cue all of the hate comments and bashing for not being feminist enough – why does everything with feminism today have to be to the extreme? Can you imagine the women from 100 years ago seeing us now – how much progress there has been (albeit there’s still a long way to go) and that we have so much more opportunity than they ever had – they’d be flinging their knickers around and whooping at the fact that their bravery kick-started an enormous movement! I understand women wanting to celebrate such a momentous shift in society, but do we have to do it at the expense of men? I don’t particularly like this celebration as it’s turned into something that is somewhat hating on the men, not what it used to be and I find a crying shame. The men that we marry (or not), the men that we need to pro-create, the men that have stood by the side of women in solidarity for their rights to be treated equally – some women forget all of that when it comes to celebrations like this.

So what would I like to see? Equal pay for a start. Women being given the same opportunities and not being palmed off for having a fanny. To not feel inferior or stupid when they’re working, that their voices matter and should be trusted. We should be helping each other understand unconscious bias, that although someone may not actively believe they are treating someone differently based on their gender, sometimes they are. And I’m not addressing that final point just at men. Women are just as guilty for it – I’m sure I’ve got some unconscious judgement going on up there!

To summarise, I believe we as women have the right to celebrate having tits and a fanny (not sure I’ve written that word so many times in one post), to celebrate how far we’ve come and to highlight how far we still, internationally, have to go.


  1. March 13, 2019 / 6:45 pm

    Hate to be a party pooper but there is an International Mens Day – It’s on the 19th November, I know this as it’s mine and Jakes anniversary 😂 I find men tend to complain about IWD because they don’t bother to celebrate their day like we do which isn’t our issue at all. They’re more than free to celebrate! I think it’s a real nice thing as sometimes I feel people are too scared to give compliments in the odd society we live in so it’s an excuse to lift your gals up! You should definitely watch ‘On The Basis Of Sex’, it’s such an amazing film about a kickass woman trying to change the laws that discriminate on the basis of sex for both sides, so inspirational and powerful!!
    Alice Xx

    • March 13, 2019 / 8:32 pm

      I found this out after I published 😂😂 I’ll deffo give it a watch – I love documentary style films! I agree it’s a nice way to share the love, but think we should be doing it every day and not singling out a day to do it 😘❤️❤️

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