Gaby by name, gabby by nature and shopping block?!

Gaby by name, gabby by nature and shopping block?!

Gaby by name, gabby by nature some say – and they’re not wrong when it comes to me. I’m sure anyone that’s managed me at work in the past knows I love a good chinwag (although I assure you the majority of the chat at work is about equity release or pensions 😉) and if they’re reading, I’m sure they’re nodding along as they read – sorry.

However, I’m here to tell you that the gabbiness is starting to run dry, your gabby Gaby is slightly parched and after almost three years of continuous (well, kind of) talking, isn’t too sure what to do!

Ironic since I just transferred over to this beautiful new site ay?!

I’m struggling to know what to say, how to stand out on that bastard social media app Instagram (don’t tell me you like it, because I know it’s a lie) and even WHAT TO BUY! I’m mindlessly scrolling through shopping apps, websites, flipping through rails in the stores and nothing inspires me or stands out with rays of light beaming behind it, whispering “buy me Gaby”.

Aaron recently asked me what else I’d like for Christmas in addition to my main present (prepare yourselves for some high quality photos peeps) and I JUST DON’T KNOW! Have I been so overwhelmed with the gift guides for anyone you could imagine in your life (not sure what to buy your postman? Here’s a gift guide for that), has the old No-Buy November gotten into my head too much? Is my lack of voice here a result of my not knowing what to buy? Is this all a domino effect?! I JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING RIGHT NOW!

Okay, I’ll be honest and say I have bought a couple of things this month including my spangly dress for our works Christmas party, it’s covered in sequins, the path I walked that night was covered in sequins and I’m pretty sure I wiped my arse to find a sequin. But if you’re about that shimmery life, you can find is on ASOS here;

While she’s here with me in this snap, I’d like you all to meet Holly who’s just started up her own blog called Style & Sing where she shares some of her minimalist styling tips – she’s bloody fab and has got some beautiful clothes – so make sure to check her new blog out here.

And I also picked up my new favourite knit from Topshop in the sale for £19 – bargain hunter fo’ life and you can find one here.

But can I think of a Christmas treat I’d like? No. I’ve got enough perfume, I can’t think of some reasonably priced makeup I’d want (I can’t ask Aaron to fork out for a set from Charlotte Tilbury – I’d be taking the piss), I don’t really need any new clothes… so what’s left?

I’ll ask for some socks and pants.

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