My Top Photo Outtakes of 2018

My Top Photo Outtakes of 2018

We’re in December which means I’ll be sharing a lot of reflective posts (as everyone likes to do at this time of year – I’m a bit of a basic bitch like that) and in true Fashion Faux Pas style, we’re going to have a look at my top photo outtakes for the year because I’m not a beauty queen with a fabulous Insta-envious life, I’m just a girl from a council estate that loves fashion and writing.

I must say, I’m not a huge fan of Instagram and feel it’s more of an inconvenience than anything, but unfortunately it’s something I’ve got to keep up if I want to take this blog to where I want to go, which is how we’ve ended up with a huge backlog of outtakes for me to share with you all today. So I guess it’s not all that bad ey?

Anyway, without further ado, here are my favourite corkers 😉

1. Flashback makeup fail

I didn’t know anything about flashback back then and thought my makeup looked great when I walked out of the door that day – I was sorely mistaken. I’ve got a whole post dedicated to how I’m terrible at makeup if you fancy more laughs.

2. Windswept on our wedding day

This is one of my favourite pictures from our wedding day and one I’ve featured on here before as it gives you a clear picture of me – it’s something I’m not going to dispute or hide for an Insta-worthy life, so don’t be fooled into thinking I was a blushing bride.

3. Shiny-faced creep

I got Aaron to take a couple of shots of me taking money out of my purse for a £50 Primark Challenge I did a few months ago and this made me look like a creepy girl that’s going to stalk you on your way home from a yoga class because she must know what kind of car you drive.

4. Caught out by the monkeys 🐒

A snap from our honeymoon in Bali, we went to the Ubud Monkey Forest and Aaron didn’t tell me about the mob of monkey’s coming down the stairs – photography gold.

4. Wild-haired nutter

Same trip, I had my hair in french plaits for most of the time and it was WILD when I took it out to wash – my Dad would have called me the “wild woman of Wonga” if my hair was like this when I was little (probably not PC today, but I still think it’s funny).

5. Finger over the lens

Same trip again (we got some classics in Bali!) and Aaron failed to catch me coming out of the sea looking like the true Bond girl I am – now the world won’t know 😉

6. Knocked over by the pooch

Summer in the garden at the in-laws and we were trying to get a cute picture of me with my surrogate pooch Jake, next thing we know he’s jumped on top of me, lipstick out and coming after me like I’m a dog on heat – thanks Jake.

7. Gaby lost her tits

This was an outtake for a haul I did from Pretty Little Thing and all I can think when I see this is “where the fuck have my tits gone?!” Safe to say I returned it as it also had a hole in the seam.

8. Trying to show my engagement ring for a jewellery post

I just found this one odd and thought I’d share it – you can’t see my ring and I look like I’m going to fall asleep.

9. Windswept and not interesting

No further explanation required.

10. Mr & Mrs Albon at their finest

You can tell there’s no timeline for this post as I shared an earlier photo of me on our wedding day, but this is another fave of mine as it’s not just me looking in a bit of a kerfuffle from the wind. I pronounce to you MR AND MRS ALBON!

11. A bit of re-adjusting

I had so many of these that it was hard to narrow down a favourite, but I know I was in the process of re-adjusting my strapless bra which I’m sure many of you can relate to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and I’d love if you could share some of your funny outtakes in the comments, or share this attaching them! Life’s too short to believe all of the shit you see on Instagram, so cherish real life and don’t worry if you couldn’t capture your favourite moments – they’re in your memories.


  1. leah a lintz
    December 4, 2018 / 2:13 am

    Love love this post sweetheart!! And the first one? I’ve never heard of that before and it makes me paranoid that my face looks like that all the time! Actually, I don’t have to worry too much about make up at the moment as the only thing my face will tolerate is mascara and lippy. I’m going for the natural, red and ruddy look! 🙂

    • December 4, 2018 / 7:26 am

      Ahh as long as you don’t use translucent powder you’re totally fine mum 😂😂 I just used it to set my foundation and found out the hard way! Xx

  2. December 8, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    This post is just the perfect example of why I love your blog as I love how absolutely real you are! I can definitely relate to the flashback photo, I’ve had my fair share of learning lessons on what types of powder work and what doesn’t – we learn the hard way haha. I feel like any fashion photos I take would be full of re-adjustment photos and the majority of my wedding photos would be caught-off guard mugshots, I’m such an awkward person and it definitely shows in my pictures. I love that you’re not afraid to show every bit of who you are! It’s a fab way to be x

    Alice {}

    • December 8, 2018 / 11:38 pm

      Ahhh thanks Alice, I’m one of the most awkward people you’ll ever meet (I’ll always say inappropriate things and can be a bit odd haha!) – probably why my photos are like this 😂😂 also glad I’m not the only one that’s been caught off guard by the flashbacks! 😂❤️❤️

  3. January 1, 2019 / 11:35 am

    HA honestly natural Gaby is the BEST Gaby, you make me laugh so much! And I swear you still manage to look good despite being a little creepy 😂 The best wedding shots are always the candid ones and again, you still look good!! I always love your photos as they’re just so real, can’t wait to see more of these in 2019 hehe! I have a recent one of me holding Nacho and she went to lick my face and obviously I pulled back and I have about 5 chins, it’s the best hahaha!
    Alice Xx

    • January 1, 2019 / 11:48 am

      Why thank you so much 😂 I had so many more but this post wouldn’t have ended, but these were my favourites – I’m glad you enjoyed them 😂❤️❤️

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