The Smaller Bag Challenge

The Smaller Bag Challenge

I was at work having a chat with some ladies on my team about the size of our handbags after my colleague walked in after her lunch with a gorgeous leather satchel (we all joked she shouldn’t leave it alone or we’d nab it from her 😉).
We then started showing our bags and my friend Sarah showed her small bag when I commented that I could never come to work with a small bag like that – I have far too much stuff (read that as; shit) to cart around! Everyone then laughed when I pulled out my bag and asked what on Earth I could possibly need to carry around with me all day?! Well the daily essentials of course! Two glasses cases (sunglasses and glasses), a purse, makeup bag, headphones, vape juice, two bottles (one of water, one of juice), receipts, un-banked cheques, hair clips and various tablets.
The ladies challenged me to go to work the following day with a smaller bag, because there’s no way that I need everything I carry around with me everyday “Two glasses cases that are EXACTLY THE SAME? You’re only wearing one pair at a time Gaby!”
I’ll be honest, I cannot remember the last time I went out without a handbag; I even had my Ted Baker bucket bag on our wedding day for God’s sake, so I was a bit reluctant to cut down on everything I haul around.
So I took the challenge and tipped all my shit on the sofa when I got home;

I cleared out the shit I didn’t need (old receipts, out of date cheques, empty tablet packets, a sheet of kitchen roll etc.) and pulled out a gorgeous dark brown leather cross body bag my Mum gave me when she was over in the summer that I was obsessing over whenever she wore it (thanks Mum!). The hitch was it was MUCH smaller than my current bag;

I took out one of the glasses cases, my makeup bag as quite frankly, I never bloody use it and popped everything I could manage (except for a bottle of water) into the smaller bag;

I’ve written this the day before I’m going back into work for the day, but am feeling optimistic about a day with a smaller bag; although it is a comfort for when I’m feeling a bit unsteady and need an excuse to crouch down. So Friday will be a day of getting out of my comfort zone and trying to function without my comfort items.
Let me know in the comments whether you’re a big or small handbag kinda gal, or if you head out without anything at all – HOW DO YOU DO IT?!
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  1. October 5, 2018 / 1:06 pm

    I’d say I’m more of an average bag kinda gal. My issue was that I always like to have my camera on me and I don’t yet have a snazzy camera bag as they’re bloody expensive so I liked a bag I could keep that in. My purse is also pretty beefy as I have about 10,000 loyalty cards that yes, I DO need at all times so I can claim my points!! (Although I can’t currently carry it around as I’m too weak post-surgery and it’s heavy, how hilarious is that). I’m going to have to convert to a slightly larger bag kinda girl now though as I have to carry a bag of stoma supplies around with me 24/7 just incase! It’s an excuse to treat myself to a few new additions though hehe.
    Alice Xx

    • October 6, 2018 / 7:51 am

      You’re so funny, but I must say that I do love me a loyalty card 😂 and just imagine all of the amazing bags you can get to store everything in – you could get a big bag with all the sections so you can organise your life 😂🙌🏻 and I’m waiting to get a better camera before getting a snazzy camera bag – the one I’ve got now just gets shoved in there 😉❤️❤️

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