Everything 5 Pounds Haul

Everything 5 Pounds Haul

I had a hankering for another online shop and thought I’d continue my fashion review series and go back to Everything5Pounds.com for a mooch through their clothing section. I set a budget of £30 (including postage) and am happy to announce I only went over by £1 (postage was around £6 and I ordered 5 items).
I won’t go through how I found the experience of navigating through the site as I covered that in my last post (make sure to check it out here) but as a quick reminder, they purchase old stock from high street retailers that didn’t sell in stores and sell everything for £5 – as the name implies 😉.
I ordered two jumpers, a skirt, a pair of leggings and a pair of trousers. I’ve got snaps of them all and will be talking about each piece.

White & Grey Knitted Jumper

I fell in love with this as soon as I pulled it out of the bag (make sure to check out my Instagram story highlights for IRL reactions to everything in this post, if you’re not following me already I’m over @gabrielleannealbon) and found that the labels confirmed this gorgeous knit was from C&A which I believe used to be available in the UK but disappeared from our highstreets quite a few years back, however you can still find them elsewhere in Europe. Definitely a winner!

Oui” Slogan Jumper & Black Fleece Lined Leggings

I am OBSESSED with this slogan jumper and felt it spoke to me when I saw it – FUN FACT: Aaron and I love to speak random French & Spanish words to each other for shits and gigs, for example, he’ll walk in the door and I’ll say “Bonjour, ca va?!” and he’ll reply “Ca va, muy bien, merci” (excuse my terrible French grammar – it’s one of the main reasons I didn’t study it lol) – so I’m sure you can understand why I needed it in my life.
Next onto the leggings, not much to say about them, just that I needed another pair and that everyone needs some fleece lined leggings in their lives – they’re so comfortable and thick enough your knickers aren’t going to show through, what more could you want from a pair of leggings?!
I don’t know the names of the brands that this jumper and leggings come from, but I don’t really care!

Dark Green Button Down Mini Skirt

Finally is this gorgeous little dark green, button down mini skirt that I’m confident from the cut out label is from Asos – it’s a lovely thick cotton and will be perfect for autumn/winter paired with a thick jumper and boots, a crisp white shirt, black tights and pumps – the outfit ideas are endless!
I’d 100% recommend Everything5Pounds – they’ve got a huge range of clothing and sizes available, although I would say they’re a little bit behind in terms of what they have available for seasons, I think this is due to the fact they’re purchasing old stock, but it’s a great way to get ahead for next year if you’re looking for staples. I also like that they’re purchasing old stock and preventing it from going to landfill!
Have you shopped with Everything5Pounds before and if so, how have you found the experience?

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