Out with the old and in with the new!

Out with the old and in with the new!

After my wardrobe clear out and putting together a little list of bits that I need to add, we headed over to our local Debenhams for a mooch around to kick off our Bank Holiday weekend (I was planning on picking up the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation but they didn’t have a shade that was right for me 😩) and Aaron wanted to pick up a new jumper.
In true Aaron style, he didn’t get anything (he did find a gorgeous tan corduroy jacket from Levi but wasn’t happy to drop £110 on it – he has so much control!) but I found a GORGEOUS pair of tan Chelsea boots from Clarke’s that were going to replace the old tatty pair I’ve had for a couple of years from River Island. I know I said I wanted to get a pair of black leather shoes, but I will forego those in favour of these as I think I can make my other shoes (i.e my black DM’s) work if I need a black pair and these were PERFECT!
In order to highlight why I needed to replace the old ones, I took some snaps to show you what I mean;

They’ve lost their colour a lot where I’ve been caught out in the rain (they’ve also got that horrible smell where they’ve been damp/wet, but dried out and never quite recovered – let me know if you know what smell I’m on about 😂), but I’ve held onto them as I hadn’t found a pair that I liked as much – obviously I don’t LIKE these anymore, but I did when I bought them lol.
So we were walking through the shoe section when I turned to Aaron and said that I’d really like a new pair of tan coloured Chelsea boots to replace my old ones. We walked around and I was starting to lose hope, I found a couple of pairs of DM’s (definitely need those in my life – they had a burgundy pair in a pebbly leather texture that I’m loving) then low and behold, I found the perfect pair – sampled in my size. My good god it was fate and after trying them on, umming and ahhing about the £89 price tag (I don’t normally spend that much, but had enough cash on me – FATE AGAIN!) I asked for the other shoe and headed to the tills.
Don’t you love it when you get to the till and the item you’re buying has been reduced? They had 10% off so I bagged these for £80.10 – still on the pricey side, but some pennies saved!
And because my DM’s didn’t really match my outfit that well (Aaron was rushing me out of the door and I couldn’t paint my toenails so I could wear my new sandals) I changed into them in the car whilst we popped home so Aaron could put a jumper on before heading out again for lunch then to the lavender fields!

And now, the old boots are in the bin. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of these bad lads in my feed!
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