Going for the chop!

Going for the chop!

If you read my post from last week, I was having a bit of a dilemma about whether or not I should get my long old locks chopped off. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and comments – I had a lot of food for thought and a lot of hair to consider.
I took some before photos to show you how it looked pre-cut – I hadn’t noticed that it was that far down my back and was impressed by how long it managed to get!

On Saturday morning I got up, had a shower, washed my long, ratty strands and did some errands before Chloe popped over to snip away. I finally decided after chatting to Maisie who’d had a good bit cut off her hair a few weeks before that I would be happy enough to cut off about 4 inches. Having the bare minimum wouldn’t make my hair look any better and the splits would keep on going up until all of my hair was broken, split and just a bit shit! Nobody wants ratty looking hair do they?!
And I went for it! Chloe cut off what needed to go into a blunt, one length style which I’m LOVING – she was also delighted to be getting rid of the rats tails 😉!

Yes I miss the straggly bits, but it feels much healthier and looks so much thicker! All of the blonde remnants from when I bleached it a few years back have gone so it looks quite a bit darker, so I might get some highlights at some point!
I couldn’t go all out and get rid of my long locks, but it’s a step in the direction for me having the long, thick, luscious locks I’ve always wanted! I’m going to carry on growing it, but will be sticking to the blunt cut look as it makes my hair look so much thicker.
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  1. jazziepickles
    August 6, 2018 / 10:45 pm

    Your hair looks in such better condition now, and like you said, thicker. I’m secretly happy you didn’t chop of a drastic amount. Looks so good girl x

    • August 7, 2018 / 10:29 pm

      Ahh thanks lovely and I couldn’t go any shorter, I would have cried 😂😂❤️

  2. August 7, 2018 / 7:55 am

    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

  3. August 7, 2018 / 7:14 pm

    I was going to say it looks soo much thicker!! And honestly so much healthier in literally every way. You look bloody gorgeous! The shape of it also reminds me of a really long bob, it’s so rounded and bouncy! I’m so bloody jealous Gab you have the lushest hair, maybe one day I’ll stop bleaching the crap out of mine…haha!
    Alice Xx

    • August 8, 2018 / 5:36 pm

      Ahh thank you lovely!! It took me bloody years to get rid of my bleached bits 😂 and I’m glad it looks like that, I wanted a really blunt cut like you’d have for a bob! ❤️❤️

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