All about the wedding attire

All about the wedding attire

I’m milking the shit out of the beautiful images that were captured last Saturday and as promised, I wanted to share some more snaps and info on what I, my bridesmaids and flower girls wore – as we’re away at the moment we haven’t got all of the photos back yet, but rest assured they’re coming your way at some point!


Our colour theme was rose gold and blush pink, we picked up all of the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses from eBay which needed some alterations (we can’t expect an extravagant Jenny Packham style gown for Primark prices) and work to make them as beautiful as they were. Our flat was covered in sequins for about a year and even more so in the weeks running up to the big day where I was hauling them round to do fittings – I spent about 3 hours sewing sequins back on to my cousin Shaunna’s dress as I could see where they’d come off and it was pissing me off 😂
The original bridesmaid dresses were the full length and sequinned from top to bottom, however we decided to mix up two of the dresses (for the mummies of the flower girls) by having a pleated maxi skirt on the bottom instead. I chopped off the hems to turn them into mini dresses and they just popped the skirts over the top to make it look like a full length dress.
When the dresses first arrived, I had to get creative with my sewing machine – I was in love with them but the lining only just covered the vagina area and if I didn’t work my magic, you’d have seen straight through them! I couldn’t find a perfect colour match for the lining in the right fabric (it was lined in a nude cotton jersey) but ended up going for a blush pink, heavier jersey that made the dresses look like they had an ombré effect.

Flower Girls

These dresses were by far the best purchase in terms of fit, quality and price. I had my two god-daughters as my flower girls for the day and they both looked bloody adorable! Both of these dresses came in at under £10 on eBay – if you’ve ever shopped for flower girl dresses, you’ll know that’s a bloody steal! My Auntie Sheri also picked the girls up a couple of beautiful flower headbands on the morning of the wedding which really completed everything and made them so god damn adorable – I hadn’t bought them as Miyah the younger of the two is at an age where she pulls everything off her head, but my cousin Tammy made sure she kept it on for a few hours 😂
Can we also take a second to appreciate the beautiful shot of my best friend Maisie and her daughter Annie-Mae?! Tony caught such a beautiful moment when we were all getting ready and it’s one of my favourite pictures that we’ve received so far 😍

The Bride (me!)

I’ve already written a post about my wedding makeup trial, so if you’d like to read some more about that, make sure to check out the link here. Lauren did an amazing job of my makeup which lasted all day AND my eyes still looked good in the morning, despite falling asleep without taking my makeup off (I know – terrible human being) with my lashes still in tact!
My friend Chloe did my hair for me and I decided to go for a half up half down look with some plaits and curls – I didn’t want it overdone and too proper as it wouldn’t have felt very me. I’m sure if you’ve been a follower of mine for a while you’ll know I’m more of a wild hair kinda gal at heart, so having some loose curls was definitely what I needed to make sure I still felt like Gaby.

My dress came from a store called WED2B who have huge stores across the country (mine came from the Milton Keynes store) – I opted for the style Camille from the Viva Bride collection – it was a beautiful lace, beaded fit and flare with a big old train on it. I tried on about 6/7 dresses and knew this was “the one” as soon as I put it on! I bought it about a year before and needed to have it taken in a lot as I’d lost about a stone from getting poorly last year – a bit of a pain, but as I’m a short arse, I needed the hem and straps taking up anyway! The dress was £599 and I got the veil for around £80 which had to be delivered after as I needed it in Ivory which they didn’t have in store at the time.

The Rings

As an Etsy seller myself, I really wanted to show some support to some independent stores, so after Aaron and I went into town to try on some ring styles, we had a hunt on the site and found these beauties.
Aaron’s ring is made of tungsten with a rose gold inside – as he’s a bricklayer he needed something tough that wasn’t going to get ruined, tarnished and bent, so tungsten was the best bet for him. He’s found wearing a ring really bizarre and keeps knocking it on tables like Frank Underwood from House of Cards (is anyone else completely FURIOUS with Kevin Spacey for being a horrible dirty bastard?!) but seems to be getting used to it now!
My ring is a white gold wishbone shape with a row of tiny diamonds to really compliment my cluster of diamonds on my engagement ring – I was so excited to wear it when it arrived and kept wanting to put it on before the big day, but had some self control and managed to wait it out 😉
And there you have it! I’m going to continue sunning myself on the beautiful island of Bali with my gorgeous husband and will check back with you all soon!


  1. June 8, 2018 / 8:28 am

    Agh all of these wedding posts are making me so emotional it’s the worst and the best at the same time!! I hope I look even half as beaut as you do when I get married. I always significantly slow down when walking past Wed2B in Bristol, the shop just beams beauty and I’ve no idea how I’m meant to choose just one dress when I get married. You made such a gorgeous choice! The flower girls look sooo cute too and I can’t believe the price of the dresses!? The quality looks so good too, I definitely would’ve thought you paid at least like £30 each for them!? I’m picking up so many tips here!
    Alice Xx

    • June 8, 2018 / 10:11 am

      Ahh thank you lovely!! And I think it’s a lot easier when you’re in there and have tried on a few – I kind of knew what I was after so just tried a couple of other ones to make sure lol! And glad you’re finding it helpful – I’ll 110% help you when you plan yours one day!! ❤️❤️

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