Learning how to do my own make up

Learning how to do my own make up

I’m proud to say that I now feel like I can officially call myself a real blogger after Aaron very kindly bought me my first ever item from Urban Decay – The Naked Heat Palette (I’m marrying a diamond – he even played ball when I wanted him to style an outfit for my last post). Yes, I feel that purchasing a product has solidified my status in my blogger life and am not ashamed to admit it 😉
Anyway, ever since then I’ve been practicing and practicing, watching all of the tutorials I possibly can to try and master a good eyeshadow look that I can do on the regular. It’s been a long slog teaching this epic failure of a makeup applicator to do such wizardly things, but I truly feel that I’ve made some progress!

It was only after seeing the above picture that I started to think to myself “hey Gaby, you might not be as bad as you think at this old make up malarkey!” So I started to try out some other looks; mixing up my palettes (not just limiting myself to the Naked Heat one, but combining with a Revolution one I’ve been quite fond of). I was going out for a wedding dress fitting and dinner with my Grandma and decided to have a play around with my makeup to see what I could come up with. Here are a few snaps of my makeup wizardry;

NOTE: I haven’t showcased the other bad side of my face where the most enormous spot erupted that very same day and looked almost like a bruise – there was no hope for me there 😉

The following day I was caught off guard by my Grandad calling me to go out to lunch (it was twelve o clock and I was still in my pyjamas tending to the washing up) – I didn’t have too long to get ready, but wanted to continue documenting my progress in the makeup wizardry department and used the Naked Heat palette to put together the following look (in addition to my usual base staples);

My eyeliner was NOT on fleek – I was on the phone to Specsavers who were confirming my appointment for the following day and then my Auntie Magi who was calling for a chat so wasn’t concentrating on getting it to look spot on, but all in all it wasn’t too shabby!

The final day was another look similar to the previous days – my eyeliner wasn’t that great, but the shadow was showing some great promise! I also noticed that I had a bit of mascara fall out (see first picture) having worn it for a couple of hours at this point – note to self: go and buy a new bloody mascara.

I’ve come a hell of a long way from the girl that used to plaster on the silver glitter up to her eyebrows – I also appreciate the great cameras we have today so my shots aren’t pixelated and blurry. But all in all, I don’t think I’m THAT bad at makeup anymore 😉
Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you’d like to see more content like this in future! ❤️


    • March 14, 2018 / 9:02 pm

      Ahh thank you!! And yeah, makeup never really interested me much until I came into the world of blogging 😂❤️

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