Coping with adult acne

Coping with adult acne

When I was a teen with bad skin, I was always told that I would grow out of it and it’s a normal thing for teenagers to get spots/acne – which in part is true, most people do grow out of it, but for me;
I’m 25 years old and still struggling with adult acne – I’ve been pretty down lately which made matters worse to the point I ended up at the doctors to ask what the hell was going on with these vile things erupting all over my face. Stress and anxiety definitely shows through my skin and this in turn was making me feel hella worse.
My skin did start to get better as I got older – I would only tend to break out when I was due on and only had it limited to my chin area (which isn’t ideal but what’s a girl to do?) This year with all of the issues I’ve had with my health and life in general, my skin has started to deteriorate where I’m getting spots in my hairline, on my cheeks, jaw, around my lips – basically everywhere I don’t tend to get them.
Over the years I’ve tried a lot of drugstore remedies, I started the contraceptive pill which helped a lot, I went on anti-biotics at 16 as I was getting them on my back (which I later stopped as it cleared) and in terms of drugstore I’ve tried everything from Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Nivea, La Roche Posay to Clearasil (to name a few) but nothing has shifted these bad lads!
The doctor decided to try me out on a prescription anti-biotic cream called Duac. It’s got to be kept in the fridge to maintain its shelf life and is supposed to work in between 2-5 weeks. I decided to document all of this (in the name of the blog of course) and share my journey so far with you all today. Here’s a beautiful selfie of my face before I used anything on my face;

After 4 weeks of use, the spots started to dry out a lot but I still had quite a lot of little spots coming up. I visited the doctor again and he said it can take 3 months to really see any difference so he put it on my repeat prescription – disappointing is an understatement. I also found that I had quite a bit of scarring on my face which wasn’t making it look any better (being on my period wasn’t helping matters either).
I’ve been trying not to wear makeup (whilst shocking a few people with how bad it’s gotten – I’ve said to everyone that I know it’s bad and they don’t need to be too nice about it 😉) washing my face once a day and making sure to moisturise with a water based moisturiser – I’ve been trying out the Garnier Rose Extracts face moisturiser which smells beaut and seems to be working pretty well. You may well have noticed (or not, that’s alright lol) that I haven’t been sharing any selfies or close ups of my face – now you know why.
It’s hard not to become obsessive over things like this – I’ve found myself poking and prodding away with those crazy looking spot extractors you always see on those grossly satisfying spot popping videos. I KNOW this isn’t helping my skin to get better, but I can’t deal with the painful bastards around my lips, on my cheeks, in my hairline. I can literally feel their presence on my face, it feels painful at times and for the most part – it feels revolting. <
now it's not as bad as some people get it (I cannot fathom it being any worse than it is now so definitely feel for those worse off than me), but it doesn't help that internal green eyed monster lurking Instagram, envious of everyone's normal skin.
I'm going to continue to share my journey with you all, but it's something that's been on my mind and bothering me a lot. I wanted to share this with you guys in case someone else is going through the same and wanted some reassurance that you're not alone.
But hey ho, at least my hair's stopped falling out so much 😉


  1. November 28, 2017 / 6:46 pm

    I feel your pain so much! I’m also 25 and suffer with adult acne! I’ve tried about every product under the sun from my GP and nothing works!
    Recently I’ve been using Origins skincare which seems to be helping! So I’m giving that a go for a while 😊

    • November 28, 2017 / 6:51 pm

      Ahh it’s awful isn’t it?! And thank you! I’ll have to have a look and see what kind of results I get!

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