GUEST POST: A Guide to Summer Dresses 

GUEST POST: A Guide to Summer Dresses 

Hi Guys! So I’m back today with my first ever guest poster Amy Mia Goldsmith who has put together the following guide to summer dresses! Let me know what you think and make sure to check her out on her social links at the end of the post!
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The summer sun is already here and the fashion industry is not a single step behind. If you still haven’t thrown out all of your things during spring cleaning, wait until you finish reading this, because some of those might still be useful. Dresses are most girls’ go-to garment during summer, which is not a big surprise. After all, why would you spend hours of your time planning outfits and figuring out which top goes with which skirt, when you can just throw on a single dress and a pair of sandals and be ready for the world. But what are all the options when it comes to dresses and, more importantly, what occasion is each one of them appropriate for.
Maxi dresses
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There is nothing more iconic for summer than a flowy maxi dress. Whether it’s for a long walk at the beach, or running errands during the day, it’s got you covered for all of your needs. You can even wear it as a swimsuit cover-up, if you find one that is light enough. For evening occasion, try and stick to more luxurious fabrics and elegant cuts, like designer clothing by Emilio Pucci, pairing them with strappy sandals or heels. A good style tip is to find a skinny belt and wear it low on your hips for an ancient Greek inspired look; or go the other way and wear a wide belt on your waist over it, which will help you create a more hourglass silhouette.
Skater dresses
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There is nothing that screams “the girl next door” more than a skater dress. They are ideal for so many body shapes and sizes, and they come in so many different variations. Their shape is perfect for creating the hourglass illusion, and they come in many different styles: a mini skater dress can be great for really hot summer days, nights out or even worn with leggings during the cooler days. If you don’t like showing your legs, that is fine too – go for a dress with a longer skirt and you will achieve the same effect without revealing too much. For a more elegant look, you can go for a dress with a lacy overlay for a gentle and sophisticated look, and pairing it with a cardigan will help you keep warm and look even more put together. They look great combined with a pair of pumps, sandals and even sneakers, so finding the appropriate footwear should not be a problem.
Wrap dresses
4 wrap dress
There is something very chic and casual about wrap-dresses, even though they can look like the most elegant thing in the world. Wrapping one around seems so effortless, and accessorizing has never been easier: If you opt for a more colorful pattern, you don’t even need any accessories except a good bag and a pair of sandals – the dress speaks for itself. If you go for a plainer fabric, don’t overdo it, either. Just put on a pair of earrings and add a flower to your hair and you will be ready to go. They also make great beach cover-ups and are perfect for transitioning from day to evening wear.
You should always pick your clothes according to your shape and what you feel comfortable in. If you don’t like the thought of dresses, but you want to wear them, try wearing a pair of shorts underneath to avoid any potential accidents. The most important thing is how you feel, so ignore anyone who is telling you that you are “too dressed up” and wear what you feel like wearing.
Amy Mia Goldsmith
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I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to follow Amy on the above links! Let me know if guest posts are something you’d like to see more of as it was great to work with another blogger!
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  1. July 4, 2017 / 3:48 am

    I’m not a great one for dresses but I do love a lovely light, floaty maxi summer dress! I’m on the lookout though for a t-shirt kind of dress but something that’s more shaped. I saw a girl wearing pretty much what I’ve been looking for….I should have asked her where she got her dress from! (Charlotte would have died of embarrassment! lol)
    Ooooo, now what to wear to a special wedding??! Hmmmm….styles? Suggestions? xx

    • July 4, 2017 / 6:00 am

      Depends what you fancy I guess! Are you wanting to go for typical mother of the bride?! 😉 xx

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