Getting into the swing of blogging 

Getting into the swing of blogging 

Welcome back people! I’m still off sick with this minging hepatitis E and jaundice, so haven’t spent too much time writing these last few days! I’ve got a couple of posts lined up where I’m waiting for deliveries etc. so stay tuned for those – another fashion review is on the agenda 🤗. These seem to be going down really well with you guys, so please keep on letting me know about what you’d like to see! 
Anyway, I wanted today’s post to be about how I’ve found getting really into blogging this last month or so (let’s face it, I’ve been off bored out of my mind between being sick/ having the shits and scratching – this girl is missing her job like crazy!) and how I feel like I’ve been upping the blogging game! 
I think in the past year I’ve made a conscious effort to improve the photography I feature in my posts. I’m really fortunate that Aaron’s pretty good with a camera (I guess some good has come from those many nights spent photographing fish for himself and his mates LOL) and he’s been able to get some great outfit snaps. 

I think I finally found what kind of photos work best with my content after working with my amazing friend Katt on a shoot a few weeks back (see the post Getting Used to Posing to see some of the great shots she got that day) and have established the more natural walking poses are more my style! 

Better Relevant Content 
I’m finding writing and coming up with content easier now I have a regular series to follow which I can link in with my YouTube channel – now I have a backlog of content to reflect on, I’ve been able to see what goes down well with my audience and what doesn’t, which helps me tailor future content to my audience! 
Watching back videos is one of the best things I do to improve my content – I film videos that I would like to watch and like to make it as relatable as possible. My channel is nowhere near to the level that my blog is at, but I’m making some progress slowly but surely! 
I’m also becoming more and more savvy with my video editing and have found some royalty free backing tracks that fit well with my personality 🤗

As I’ve had a lot of spare time, this is something I’ve been able to devote more time to. I’ve been more active on Twitter, have joined more Facebook groups specifically for bloggers, have driven more traffic to my Instagram account and have finally set up an account for affiliate links! The blogging community is so welcoming and supportive, we’re all wanting to do what we can to put each other out there and it’s really motivating to have them on side! 
So these are a few points of how I’ve been upping my game, let’s hope I can continue when I go back to work! 
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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