My fashion faux pas' this past year

My fashion faux pas' this past year

I like to reflect every now and again to better understand what works for me and what doesn’t (that’s what started this blog in the first place!) and today I was scrolling through my Instagram pictures to see how my style has developed over the last year and a bit of me having this blog. 
I’ve been getting 2-3 new Instagram followers for each post and I wanted to see what I was doing differently now to say 9 months ago and how can I get my blog out there a bit more. 
I’ve created a list (yes, another one) of my least favourite outfits, with the fashion faux pas and what I’d change if I were to re-style it;
1. Grey Coke T-Shirt Topshop & Printed Leggings H&M

Okay, this is a couple of years old but I thought it was a good place to start! 
I’d get rid of those dirty smelling sandals and chuck them straight in the bin (NGL I think they’re still hiding away in my wardrobe) and swap them for my classic DM’s, although as this was the height of summer, I’m not sure they would have been weather appropriate. Georgie and I were getting matching love heart tattoos on our ankles for her 21st birthday and I thought I was oh so trendy 😒
2. Grey striped shirt from Primark with Black Denim Shorts From Topshop

I liked the idea of this one and felt good when wearing it, but think that looking back it didn’t look great.
 I think I hate the shirt to be honest – it’s now all bobbly after being washed and not very flattering with these shorts, I think it’s one for the bin.
3. White Vest and Striped Trouser from Tesco

I loved these trousers but don’t think they’re very flattering on my legs – I think I’d prefer it if I swapped the vest for a round neck fitted t-shirt and took off the belt. 
4. White baggy t-shirt from, Primark leggings, Topshop bag and Lace Espadrilles from River Island; 
I love these espadrilles and will definitely be pulling them out again this year, however I don’t think they go well with the black and white of my outfit. If I were to re-style this I would change the t-shirt to something printed and swap the shoes for a pair of Converse. 
I’ve ended up hating pretty much everything I bought from last year and am seeing it’s really apparent in this post. 
5. White cut out jacket and strappy white top from with paisley printed blue shorts from Primark

I love these shorts and think I needed to pair them with a less baggier top – I look like a sack of potatoes on top and the jacket is really cheapy looking (hello to yet another fail) 
The jacket will shortly be going in the bin/ to the charity shop. 
6. Black leather jacket, black turtleneck top from New Look, printed skirt from Primark and brown suede Chelsea boots from River Island

I hate the boots with this outfit and think I would have loved this look more with my black DM’s. It’s reminded me I need to invest in a new black leather jacket! 
And they’re my fashion faux pas’ that I’ve pulled out for your entertainment! Let me know how you would style my outfits and give me a bit of inspiration!
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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