25 things I've learnt about fashion in 25 years

25 things I've learnt about fashion in 25 years

Happy 25th Birthday to me! Cannot believe I’m this age and how much my life has progressed since becoming an adult. Moving out, graduating, getting my first full time job, getting engaged! 

I thought that for today’s post I’d reflect on some things I’ve learnt about my own style in the last 25 years in celebration of 25 years on the planet! 
1. Because I’m lacking in the height department, it doesn’t mean I have to wear heels all the time – comfort is paramount 

2. You don’t have to buy into all the trends, they come and go, stick with your staples
3. Sewing skills are priceless and come in handy for someone of a little stature like me

4. Sewing skills are also handy for helping out friends, family, colleagues and random people that heard about you from a friend of a friend! I’ve become a go to person for clothing repairs and alterations which is lovely! 
5. You should only wear clothes that please you, not anyone else 
6. The uncomfortable shoes aren’t worth it, your feet will thank you one day
7. It can take a long time to find the perfect jeans 👖 keep on looking, they’re out there somewhere! *whispers Topshop*

8. Sometimes it’s better to spend a bit more on a staple that will last – those £1.50 throw away t-shirts from Primark do add up! 
9. Primark is THE place for throw away fashion trends and you don’t need to spend a fortune on something that’ll be forgotten about next year! 
10. You’re a Topshop Clone and that’s okay 

11. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re mental for spending £100+ on a handbag – they obviously don’t appreciate the craftsmanship like you do 
12. Beware of online shopping – it’s both dangerous for your bank account and can have horrendous results 
13. You can never have enough black boots 
14. Doc Martens will hurt your feet at first, but stick with them and they’ll become the most comfortable boots you’ve ever owned

15. Don’t shop from Boohoo.com – they’ll send your order and the delivery man will return the parcel without leaving a note
16. ASOS Premier is worth the £9.95 a year to get next day delivery 📦 you get your money back in 2 orders – but it makes you want to order more from them!
17. You love a good blazer and jeans combo – the perfect combo of smart/casj 

18. You don’t have a specific ‘style’ – some days you want to channel your inner rocker chick, other days you’re happy bouncing around in a floaty girly outfit – you’ll always be you no matter your style choice of the day 
19. You’re always going to be drawn to re-purchasing classic pair of white Converse, listen to your inner voice! 

20. Don’t cut your hair off, it’s not worth the years of obsessing about growing it back
21. Big hair is your thing – that’ll never change 

22. Eyebrows are important and be careful of getting tweezer happy – it could end with your brows being too far apart like this;

23. Spend a bit more on your sunglasses 😎 you’ll treasure those babies like you wouldn’t a cheap pair and will feel sassy af 💁🏼

24. Try to upcycle your old accessories, you can save money and face for spending dollar on something that your partner will moan about you throwing away 

25. And finally, your style will always change, be open to new trends and keep on being your sassy self 💁🏼 

I hope you enjoyed this post (sorry it’s a long one, I’m aware that 25 is a lot and you don’t need to remind me 😉) 
Until next time… 
Gaby xxx 

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