Getting into the Spring of things! 

Getting into the Spring of things! 

In my last post I mentioned that I needed to try and find some other shoes to wear besides my DM’s (my love still knows no bounds for these staples), so as it was a lovely day on Thursday, I decided to bite the bullet and pull out my spring/summer shoes from last year to wear to work on Friday. 

* Topshop Clone Alert* These beauts were last season Topshop and a take on a pair that I unfortunately had to throw away as they stunk to the high heavens! Only con about these is that they rub my toes a lot; but nothing a plaster can’t sort 😉. 
I then changed up my outfit a bit before heading out for some after work/ bonus payday drinks at the pub with the work lot and kept on my fave tan shoes;

I absolutely love this navy blazer from H&M and think it looks amazing with blue denim and tanned accessories! 
Being inspired, I decided to sort through my old shoes from last year and decide which ones I wanted to pull out next week whilst I’m on annual leave;

Definitely going to need to paint my toenails now 😂
I forgot about the cute pale blue floral print espadrilles! 
 and thank you to my baby niece Miyah for helping arrange the shoes for this post;

Delicious! 😂
It’s mad how much stuff you hoard from past seasons and I love finding pieces which I loved before and will love again! 
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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