I found my wedding shoes! 

I found my wedding shoes! 

So I haven’t written too much about mine and Aaron’s upcoming nuptials – I don’t want to share too much on here and spoil the surprise! However… I have found the shoes I’ll be wearing for the big day! Never mind the dress, I haven’t gone shopping for that yet and definitely won’t be sharing but wanted to share my bargain shoes! 
I’m rubbish in heels, so when I came across a block heel that I think I could successfully walk in without a) twisting my ankle b) my legs trembling like mad due to my inconvenient anxiety and c) breaking the bank, I had to put my order in! 

I just fell in love and at £45 I thought I’d nailed it! This wedding is on a budget and I’ll be damned if we don’t stick to it! 
I signed up for the £9.95 unlimited asos next day delivery for a year so these bad lads came straight away! I was so impressed with the packaging and felt like a right bride to be! 

They were well wrapped in tissue paper and just all fancy! Not what I exprected for £45 at all! And this is what they look like on (excuse the toes, as it’s not sandal weather yet I haven’t got a lick of polish on them 😉) 

I’m glad I found them before I go dress shopping as it’ll give me a better idea of how I’ll look on the day 👰 
As a side update, I’ve managed to find some gorgeous frocks for the bridesmaids (I have 5, yes I said 5) on eBay for just £15 each! 
I ordered the first one just before Christmas to see what it was like. As it came from a seller in China I wasn’t holding out much hope (we’ve all read the horror stories about girls ordering dresses from China and then turning out to be nothing like the photo). However I was pleasantly surprised! I’m going to have to whip out the old sewing machine on them a bit, but that’s the plus with knowing how to sew! I then ordered 2 more and have another 2 to go before I’ve got them all. 
I’m not going to share photos as it’s another thing I want to be a surprise, but I’ll be dropping in some sly hints in the run up to the big day! 
Let me know if you’ve got any recommendations for anything wedding related in the comments and if you’d like to hear some more about our big day! 
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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