Update on the perm…

Update on the perm…

I only went and permed my bloody hair didn’t I? Now I know what you’re picturing – the classic 80’s frizz ball;

But no, I decided that I wanted more volume so I didn’t need to plait my hair every night to achieve it. I didn’t use the classic perm rollers you’ll find in your old ladies hairdressers;

I went for the flexi-rods;

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it was all hunky dory – because it was not. 
I attempted to perm it twice before getting it how I wanted (and I can hear hairdressers all over dying inside knowing I applied perm lotion to my hair twice in a week!) but the first time was awful. It was the day after my faint and I slept on my slightly damp hair straight after finishing, leaving my curls limp, my hair as dry as the Sahara desert 🌵 and quite frankly – minging. 
I knew I couldn’t put another lotion on for about a week if I wanted to keep my hair firmly in place on my head, so I waited a few days until I went into town (walked in all by myself I’ll have you know – crossing roads and everything) and picked up another perm set from Superdrug.
Now, you’re probably bored of all this reading and just want to see the pictures of how the second attempt came out? 

I got a nice wave (it ringlets more when it’s wet) that I’m very happy with! (Shout out to the best Grandad who wasn’t massively amused by the selfie taking). 
So, it wasn’t a total disaster and I managed to fix it. 
Would I do it again? Probably, because I enjoy doing my own hair and love trying out different things! 
Let me know whether you think I’m a raving lunatic and what you think of my new do below in the comments! 
Until next time… 
Gaby xxx

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