The mysterious Topshop delivery 

The mysterious Topshop delivery 

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I was minding my own business at work (tending to my many emails) on Friday when I got a text through from Hermes to say my Topshop parcel was being delivered between 9 and 1. 
I was really puzzled as it was the Friday before payday and I definitely didn’t have the money to be buying things from Topshop. So to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind, I had a look through my online banking (debit and credit card), checked my Topshop account (because I obviously have one being the ultimate Topshop clone), but nothing. 
I guessed someone had entered the wrong phone number on their order and got on with my day. 
So I get home from work (a bit earlier than usual as Aaron left me some dodgy ham for my wrap that day which made me have a bit of a dicky tummy – although he thought I was being dramatic as he eats it all the time and was fine) and find a Topshop parcel in the living room. 

I look at Aaron and ask him deadpan if he ordered me something – I definitely did not. He hadn’t and wasn’t convinced it wasn’t me as I have a tendency to order a lot online and pretend that I’ve had whatever I bought for ages (you tell me about a girl that doesn’t do this – they’re probably a lot better at hiding things than I am 😉).
The only other person I could think of was my mum, she’d left a comment on my last blog post saying something like “Oooh shopping list!” So I thought I’d drop her a message and try it on! 

I absolutely love this jacket and was so excited to have it! But it was bothering me that my mum wasn’t replying! 
Low and behold, a few hours later I get a reply;

Sneaky mother had only gone and ordered me the gorgeous jacket! 
So, shout out and thank you Mummy! Love you lots and can’t wait to see you next year for our wedding! 
Until next time…
Gaby xxxx


  1. February 19, 2017 / 4:24 pm

    So glad you like it! (again, how spooky! lol) Working on getting a teleporter but Amazon keep saying they’re out of stock. 😉 Love you! xxxxx

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