Sleep in roller review 

Sleep in roller review 

Hi guys! Following my previous post on my love of big hair (and bitches, I don’t care! 💁🏼) I was gifted a lovely set of sleep in rollers from my friend Kerri-Ann’s daughter Jess (who has the longest hair that even Rupunzel would envy). She wasn’t a massive fan and knowing my love of big old hair, thought I should give them a go. 
So back home I went with the big old box of rollers, ready to test out at the weekend. They’re a bit annoying to roll in when you have quite long hair (I can understand why Jess wasn’t a fan) and need to secure with a hair grip – but I managed to roll my entire head, using varying sizes:

(Selfie I sent to Kerri-Ann 😂) 
I don’t have a hair net and wanted to make sure they didn’t roll out in the night and turn into a birds nest, so I found my trusty old Coca-Cola T-shirt and wrapped it over the top for good measure.

(I hope you’re enjoying these ever so flattering pictures)
Off to bed I went! I must say, they weren’t the most comfortable things to sleep in – I’m not one for having lumps all over my head at night. However, I slept okay (ish) and was so excited to unravel my bouncing hair when I woke up.

So much excitement on that face (which was half made-up, hence me looking less death and more fresh faced).

So much volume and bounce! I felt oh so sassy strutting down the road that morning and was very happy with the results! 
What I would like to flag, is that for anyone who’s hair doesn’t hold shape well, I recommend a lot of hairspray to keep the bounce all day. Mine unfortunately fell flat in the afternoon, which I think was due to me not spraying a whole can of hairspray on!
Would I do it again? Not immediately, I’ve got a cold coming on and don’t want to sacrifice the sleep I can get – but would definitely put them in for wear during the day! 
Until next time …
Gaby xxx

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