Stuff that makes me feel cool 

Stuff that makes me feel cool 

You know that feeling you get where you put on something that you’ve wanted for such a long time and you think, my god I look so bloody cool right now? 
No? Just me? 
Anyway, for Christmas Aaron bought me a pair of black matte Doc Marten boots and whenever I wear them I just think, God I’m so friggin cool right now. 
That feeling multiplies when I’m wearing them in the car, the sun is blinding so I pull out my Ray Bans. I just feel the epitome of cool 😎 and wonder if I’m just being a knob? 
Of course I am, but I’m so cool, I don’t care! 😂 Here are a couple more things that I wear when I want to feel like the coolest bitch you’ve ever seen;
1. Doc Martens (obvs)
2. Ray Ban Clubmasters 
3. Some ripped skinny jeans because – edgy 
4. My black faux shearling jacket from Topshop 
5. A dress with tights and DM’s 

And here’s an examples of 4 out of the 5 things on my list. 
Too friggin cool mate 😎 
Until next time… 

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