My mission to find the perfect foundation

My mission to find the perfect foundation

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is up for review today. Earlier on this year I wrote a post about Estée Lauder Doublewear foundation and ever since I’ve been on a mission to find my perfect foundation. I’ve tried Clinique, Younique, Estée Lauder and now Giorgio Armani this year in the hope I’ll find something that works for my skin type. If you’d like me to review the others, please leave a comment and I’ll do some more reviews!
Back to today’s topic! I’ve got combination skin and am prone to the odd spot (or a few 😫) on my chin. I tend to touch my face a lot because unfortunately that’s the kind of person I am, so need something long wearing that will blur my imperfections.
This flattering picture should give you a good picture of what I’m having to deal with every day.
On a bad day, 3 pumps of this tends to do the trick, I’ll apply it to my hand and dab all over my face then blend blend blend!
Silky by name and silky by nature, it blends really well and gives a very natural finish;
Unfortunately there is no masking the texture of my skin, so this will have to do.
One day I’ll master a nice eye, but as per previous posts, I’m crap at make up so this will have to suffice.
Being at the higher end of the price range (around £35) I don’t want to waste any and am happy to fork out if my skin looks amazing.

My problem area is still going pretty strong and I managed to prevent Aaron’s parents’ dog Jake from licking my face this afternoon – the day has gone very well 👌🏻
So my final verdict! I’m in love with this foundation. It’s got great staying power, even with my incessant need to touch my face. It’s a beautiful colour, is silky and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin – what more could you want from a foundation?! I’d personally prefer a more high street price, however I think you get what you pay for!
Let me know if you’ve used this before, how you’ve gotten on with it and if there are any other cult foundations I should give a try!
Until next time!
Gaby xxx

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