Eyebrows are important

Eyebrows are important

So it’s been a while… Actually a while is an understatement, I’ve abandoned my blog and I’m finally back to resurrect it!
So last night I popped to the pub for an after work drink (which turned into me getting in at 1am) with some friends from work. I met a lovely fellow fashion blogger and felt so inspired to write again after chatting away to her about blogging and remembering why I started this in the first place (thanks Louise!)
So back to this week’s topic. My friend Esther has had her eyebrows tattooed so they’re on fleek all the time (her words not mine 😜- although I do agree!) and we started to talk about plucking, waxing, gelling and pencilling in.
I then remembered a time where I became obsessed with plucking my eyebrows (honestly, I’m talking once a day, every day) So much so that I failed to see them drifting further and further apart;
Until one Sunday afternoon when I was plucking away sitting next to Aaron, binge watching some series (I can’t remember what it was) when he said to me “Gaby, I don’t think you need to pluck them any more. Your eyebrows are getting a bit far apart.” And that one fly away comment flicked a switch in my brain that made me realise that they were FAR apart and me plucking away was making it worse. I started to frantically flick through pictures over the last few months and realised I needed to do something about this.
I made a conscious decision from that day on to grow in my brows back to their former glory. I’m quite fortunate in that I didn’t really touch them growing up as most girls did so they could grow back and am happy to report, the brows are back and looking on fleek 💁🏼
Couldn’t resist the filter 😜.
Anyway the moral of this story is that, eyebrows are important and it’s easy to get carried away plucking, just make sure you pay attention!
Until next time…
Gaby xxx


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