Compulsive, repetitive clothing purchases

Compulsive, repetitive clothing purchases

I go through phases of buying lots of the same type of clothing with slight differences. Whether that be the masses of Leigh jeans by Topshop in various colours, printed vintage looking t-shirts or my current obsession, plain white shirts.
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get a ‘signature’ staple in my wardrobe and go mental. I was thinking about what to wear to work tomorrow and thought I’d spend some time this evening ironing a couple of shirts. I opened my wardrobe and saw that I have 7 white shirts. Why does someone need 7 white shirts?! Apparently I do.
Who else also needs to have 6 pairs of black boots? Again, apparently me. I’m reading this to Aaron and he also says to me “Yeah, why have you got so many?” Answer is, I don’t know!
I dread to think of the multiple items I’ve got lurking in my wardrobe, but I guarantee that if I went through it all again with the mindset I have right now, I would justify every single thing.
Am I the only one who shops and dresses like this? Is it just a girl thing? Let me know about your compulsive purchases and things you can’t stop buying!
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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