My mission for longer hair

My mission for longer hair

Okay, so I touched on this subject in last week’s post and felt that I needed to continue with the story of my hair and some of the mad things I used to do to grow it after the hair extension escapades.
I spent hours and hours on YouTube, frantically wanting to know what I could do to grow my hair naturally into the beautiful long locks that I so badly wanted after I spent New Year’s Day ripping out my micro-ring hair extensions. The internet it full of weird and wonderful things and put very bizarre ideas into my head.
So first up were the standard things like, taking particular vitamins, stop using heat on your hair, moisturise your hair with coconut, castor, olive oil, trim/dust off the split ends of your hair, don’t use bleach etc. etc. but the one that is truly outrageous and everyone used to rip the absolute shit out of me for was an anti fungal cream. As I start to remind Aaron of the story, he shakes his head in disdain.
So, I found this woman on YouTube (I believe her name on there was ‘SuicideEve’) and she started to tell the Internet about how she and other women on a forum online had found that using Monistat (US Branded anti fungal cream used for yeast infections of the vajayjay) on their scalps had increased their hair growth to an inch to two inches per month. She had my attention from that moment on and the fact that people had reported migraines, ringing in the ears and shedding of hair all fell on my dumb deaf ears.
So to Google I went, I found a UK equivalent available in most supermarkets Daktarin with the all great main ingredient 2% miconazole nitrate used for fungal foot infections and got to work at making my own spray on concoction.
After not noticing any improvement with my diluted mess of hair oil, water and Daktarin, I started to apply it directly from the tube to my scalp. I got mild headaches and decided now was a good time to start documenting my progress on YouTube. My cringey videos are still available for your entertainment here; (I started to watch some and laughed at the cringiness of these! 😂)
And so it continued for about 9 months until I finally gave up. I wasn’t seeing progress as I hadn’t had a proper hair cut for years and my hair just kept on breaking off. I just decided that I couldn’t be bothered any more. I had to focus on Uni more and didn’t have time to waste making stupid cringey videos of me talking rubbish about my hair anymore.
I think it makes me laugh now because after I gave up the madness, my hair started to grow, is a lot healthier and is longer than the hair extensions I used to buy.
Oh the irony of it all!
Until next time!
Gaby xxx

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