Hair extension escapades

Hair extension escapades

Hello internet friends! I bring to you today a part of my troubling hair past. I feel now that I am in a place where I’m happy with my hair (though think I need to grow a few more inches to be 100% happy, but about 80% there 😉) and can laugh at my mission to grow my hair/ extend its length at any cost.
Friends and family will remember my hair past and probably laugh at the daft things I would do to grow my hair (you’re welcome, I live to make you chuckle), but those stories need a whole post of their own.
So, like most 17/18 year old girls I wanted luxurious long locks that cascade down my back that I could flick at haters as I walked away. However, this girl had a budget and God damn it she was going to stick to it! And so it began, I bought some bright blonde clip in hair extensions from our local hair shop and got to it.
As you can see, I wasn’t great at hiding the clips and after straightening them to death, I bit the bullet and bought more online to glue to my head.
This is where things went a bit Pete Tong and I wish I had a picture to show you the god awful mess I’d created by gluing them to my scalp (this photo from Google will have to do -thanks Britney 😉) This didn’t last long and I then went on the hunt for something a bit more durable/ less hideous.
Cue the DIY micro-ring extensions. After hours of putting them in wrong (with questionable tools found in my dad’s toolbag) I finally figured out a way to make them stay put. Words cannot describe how I first went around it, but just know that they weren’t secured at all, I had remnants of plastic loops poking out of my head and they were so very very thin.
After my hair started to grow out and the roots became matted, my hair extension debacles were over. An epiphany one New Year’s Eve (2011?!) led to me ripping the God damn things out and losing half a head of hair in the process, but it was the best thing I ever did.
So, here are some things I would have done differently if I were to jump in a time machine to rectify the mess I’d made;
1. I’d invest in better hair that was a lot thicker than that from an unknown eBay seller in China
2. I’d get them cut and styled to the look I wanted, straggly hair is not a good look
3. I would get them put in professionally (I may be a dab hand with the hair dye at times, but think someone trained needs to be doing this for me)
4. I’d look after the hair and make sure I wasn’t frying it to death with straighteners, hair dryers and other hot tools
5. I’d make sure you couldn’t see the damn things!
Well, there you have it. A bit of silly hair history that hopefully gave you a giggle. I hope you take away some useful information and tips on how not to do extensions and please let me know about your hair extension trials and tribulations!
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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