Confessions of a fashion graduate

Confessions of a fashion graduate

Hello internet friends, a bit of a late post as I started one and felt that it wasn’t doing it for me (perhaps another time I’ll talk about fashion trends I can’t get on board with!) This one is a bit off topic in comparison to my usual posts, quite reflective on life choices and what really gets my goat.
Part of this week’s post is something that I addressed a few years ago on my cringey YouTube channel after spending an entire day sewing my life away at uni and seeing yet another reality TV star fashion label launch.
I don’t agree with celebrities putting their names on collections that they haven’t had any physical input with, full stop. If they haven’t created anything themselves (be that sketching, sewing) and have just selected some unknown designer’s designs, in my opinion they cannot CANNOT be considered “fashion designers”.
I left uni about 3 years ago now and decided not to pursue a career in fashion as for me personally, I couldn’t afford to commute to London (where you’ll tend to find the most jobs in the fashion industry) and intern (for pittance) with bills to pay for at a flat I moved into towards the end of my degree.
My circumstances, health and priorities changed, meaning I couldn’t cope with going down this route. Seeing so called reality star “designers” added to my frustration as they hadn’t had to work anywhere near as hard as the many fashion graduates of today to launch their lines and in turn have it be a success.
I don’t regret not pursuing a career in fashion as I’ve ended up working for an amazing company in a job that isn’t just a job, but a career. However, like anybody would, I do wonder… What if? What if I’d trawled the streets of London in search for the perfect starting point for my career? Would I have found it? Would I have been severely disappointed as I was competing with God knows how many other graduates that may or may not have been better than me? Would I have had as much success in a fashion based role as I have since joining my current employer?
I guess I’ll never know and do you know what? I don’t mind not knowing. I’m happy with my job and I guess this blog is my way of staying connected with my “passion for fashion” (sorry for the cringiness) that my odd sewing jobs for friends, colleagues and family just weren’t filling.
Until next time…
Gaby xxx


  1. urbantutu
    May 2, 2016 / 12:02 am

    Great post! If you have the time please check out mine. Hehe that rhymes.

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