Finding clothes that fit

Finding clothes that fit

Finding clothes that fit properly is one of the biggest fashion challenges I and probably most people face. In my experience, Topshop, H&M and Miss Selfridge sizes come up quite small, New Look and Dorothy Perkins a lot bigger. Primark, don’t even go there mate!
A couple of weeks ago, Aaron and I popped into H&M to have a mooch around and spend some vouchers that I’d gotten for Christmas. We both saw this beautiful cream faux leather jacket with a pile collar (please see picture above) and I immediately picked up a UK size 8 to try it on. As soon as my hand went into the sleeve I knew my arm wasn’t going to fit inside. So I told Aaron to hold my shit whilst I went to try on a size 10. My arm went in but the jacket was still quite snug. Next up and my final attempt was a size 12 (I really loved this jacket) and the same thing again, my arms felt like they were wrapped in cling film and I could feel my bloody pulse in my arms! In a huff, I grabbed the hanger and went to hang it up again. Aaron asked if I wanted the 14 but I’d had enough, gave him my sarcastic death stare and stomped off to look at the jogging bottoms.
I would say I’m a definite size 8-10 and this is mostly consistent across different shops. I’ll be damned if I’m having to buy a jacket in 3 sizes up because retailers can’t be consistent in their own sizing of clothes. I’d only bought a size 10 jacket in there a few weeks before which fit me well!
So, please tell me I’m not the only one that finds it difficult to find clothes that fit me and who you find to be the worst offenders!
Until next time…
Gaby xxx

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